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My Breakdown [A Scrubs Fanfic]
09 July 2008 @ 08:37 pm

This Journal Is Friends Only! (I like to know who is reading and who isn't...)

Disclaimer: I do not own Scrubs or any of the characters in this fanfiction.

Status: In-Progress
Chapters: 11
Updated: 14 July 2008

Rating: R (For some language and themes I don't want to mention yet as it would contain spoilers.)
Characters: JD, Elliot, Turk, Carla, Izzy, Perry, Jordan, the Todd, Janitor, Random Patients (More may be added...)
Genre: Angst..Drama..Friendship..Humor..Pain...Comfort
Summary: JD is breaking down and although his friends/co-workers can see it now one can see just how bad it really is and no one understands why. (I know this is a crappy summary but I don't want to give things away)

Authors Note: DO NOT take my fanfic and post it anywhere else or claim as your own. Comments are GREATLY appreciated, both +/-.  Suggestions are welcome.

PS. I know this adds a little more "drama" than Scrubs is used to but there will be the usual "Scrubs humor" as well! You have been warned.